ALLO-X - Citrus Kiwi
ALLO-X - Citrus Kiwi
ALLO-X - Citrus Kiwi
ALLO-X - Citrus Kiwi

ALLO-X - Citrus Kiwi

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ALLO-X - Citrus Kiwi offers a vibrant fusion of tangy citrus and juicy kiwi. This single use disposable delivers a great balance of sweet and sour flavors, creating a refreshing vaping experience. The ALLO-X is a portable and convenient device, designed for simplicity and easy on-the-go use. It utilizes a much larger capacity and battery than standard single use disposables for extra longevity and convenience.

Product Specifications:

  • 10mL of Pre-Filled E-Liquid
  • 50mg/mL Nicotine Salt
  • Integrated Mesh Coil (higher quality than most single use devices)
  • 1500mAh battery
  • Closed System
  • Certificates of Analysis

The ALLO-X - Citrus Kiwi is designed for ease of use, arriving fully charged and featuring draw-activation. Its compact and portable design allows you to enjoy your vape wherever you go. Simply inhale and savor the flavorful experience.

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